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Please Baby, Don't Go - Nadia Kassidy - Hip hop/rap track

  No one doubts that a song from the moment you hear it for the first time has the potential to be a hit in the world of music and Please Baby, Don't Go Nadia Kassidy is a song performed and written for a demanding public such as the majority of those who follow Nadia Kassidy's career feel that it can be a reality. This type of song contains a sensual lyric in which the desires of those who are in love is part of this game of making love. When Nadia Kassidy performs this song together with Egonard, No one doubts that the sensuality in the voice of the singer of this song is fascinating and even more so when you use a hip hop instrumental to complete the story of this song. This song is being sung by Egonard and Nadia Kassidy in a perfect combination of both voices who complement the melody of this song where passion is part of the story that is told between two people madly in love. Please don't go, it's the kind of song in which the passions take first place in the peo
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Nadia Kassidy's most popular playlists and songs on spotify

Nobody doubts at this moment the enormous popularity of streaming music apps, which is why every fan of any genre of music always follows some kind of playlist on a digital platform like Spotify. In the case of Nadia Kassidy I invite you to listen to the songs of a playlists on Spotify as a way to support this new female singer. If you want to download or buy each of the tracks, this could be the place where you could be part of the thousands of fans who follow the music career of Nadia Kassidy. When it comes to spotify we are in front of the most popular music streaming services right now. I am sure that if you are fans of any singer, whether male or female, no matter what type of genre is your favorite, I am sure that you have visited some type of playlists on spotify. When it comes to which digital platform has the best quality music streaming, there is no doubt that Spotify is the one with the most listeners in all the nations of the world. At this time when talking abo

Love Yourself, Love Others - by Nadia Kassiy on Spotify and Apple music

Love yourself, love others is a type of song written for those who want to reflect on how to feel love. Many times we look for love in the wrong place, when we have not had the opportunity to learn to love yourself. The lyrics of this song, but also the melody is something in which Nadia Kassidy put all her talent and heart into the composition and production of this song.   Can you love others if you have not learned to love yourself? It's possible. But experience shows that only he who loves himself with equal intensity can love. I never expect others to give or show a love for you that you don't show for yourself. This type of new inspirational pop love songs is something we must listen to in order to understand what we really seek when we desperately want someone else's love. Loving yourself is a way of loving others, because before loving others you must learn to love yourself. This romantic music pop song has many thoughtful phrases which can serve as inspi

why I can't find love | Nadia Kassidy - Romantic r&b songs on spotify and apple music

Why can't you find love? It is a question that you may or may not have right now, but if you like this kind of love story the story of this song may reach your heart. If this is your situation and right now you are receiving the love that you deserve perhaps the melody of this song is for you. In this romantic song Nobody Kassidy did everything possible to create an atmosphere in the melody where the feelings of the people is the most important thing.   When the question exists within you, why can't I find love? Maybe the problem is not in other people, it is possible that the problem is in you. Maybe you are very demanding, or very perfectionists. In the lyrics of this song, in each one of its verses, but above all the feeling shown by the performance of Nadia Kassidy, you can understand that you as a human being have every right to be loved. It is possible that your fans of the different apps in which you can listen to music, make your own playlists, but above all

What you see is what you're gonna get | Nadia Kassidy - Pop song

'What you see is what you're gonna get' is a type of romantic song made for those women who own themselves and do not have the fear of showing themselves as they are before the man they love or like. In this song Nadia Kassidy shows off the enormous talent that she has when she performs this song. When you listen to each one of the verses in this song you discover that we all have some kind of rebellion against those who like to be under the control of other people, especially when we talk about a love relationship between a man and a woman in which the acceptance of another is part of this love relationship. If you are the type of daring woman who doesn't care what others will say this song is for you. If you are the type of modern woman who owns your sensuality who is not ashamed of her body, this song is for you. IF you are the type of young girl that you are as you are and do not wait for the acceptance of others, this song is for you.  Maybe when you li

What Can You Do For Me | Nadia Kassidy songs on spotify

'What you can do for me' It is the title of one of the r & b songs that I like the most because of the type of music that the music producer uses on this track, but also because of the lyrics in this love song which reaches soul of those who like this type of song. 'What you can do for me' is the type of Hip-Hop / R & B Songs that is popular right now when you listen to all the tracks that part 100 hit songs Billboard, but also Today's Top Hits Spotify. Reasons why I hope you include this song in your library as a way to achieve that goal as producer of this song.   I think the melody and lyrics of this song are beautiful and more when you listen to it using the voice of a talented female singer like Nadia Kassidy who has all the talent to be a success in the world of music. There is a popular expression "do not expect me to do for you what you can not do for me" is something that the lyrics of this song express in each of the vers

r&b new songs | Bad Girl - Nadia Kassidy on spotify and apple music

Sometimes a new type of female artist emerges who impresses the music world, especially when we talk about someone who is trying to make their talents known to music fans like Nadia Kassidy. Female singer and songwriter who composes melodies and lyrics which is the trend right now. Maybe that's why when you listen to the song 'Bad Girl' which is sung and written by Nadia Kassidy it tells you that you are facing a new phenomenon in the world of music.   When you hear the title (Bad Girl) and the lyrics in each of the verses in this song, you discover that as a woman you were or will be considered a bad girl. But, when love is part of the love relationship it is something you should expect and the love story in this song shows you that sometimes men like bad girls. If you are a modern girl who likes to listen to your favorite music using a headset on your smartphone, this type of song should be part of your playlists regardless of your digital platform where you s